What REALTORS® Can Do for Sellers

When selling your home, here’s how a REALTOR® can help you:

  • A REALTOR® knows the current market and can help you set a realistic competitive price. A REALTOR® also is familiar with the local home loan market and can help you decide on financing that’s best to expedite your sale.
  • A REALTOR® knows how to figure the approximate net proceeds from your sale based on types of loans, outstanding loan balance and closing costs.
  • A REALTOR® can suggest how to add sales appeal to your home at low or moderate cost.
  • A REALTOR® knows where to find prospective buyers. Most homebuyers prefer to work with a real estate agent. Serious prospects are “qualified” as to their affordable price range before your home is shown.
  • A REALTOR® can tap an even larger market, if necessary, through referrals, marketing techniques and a Multiple Listing Service (where available).
  • A REALTOR® frees you from problems associated with showing your home. The REALTOR® handles all phone inquiries, makes appointments, shows your home and follows up, leaving your time for you.
  • A REALTOR® maintains objectivity in responding to possible criticisms by the buyer and in presenting offers and counter-offers until an agreement is reached.
  • A REALTOR® knows how to help the buyer meet local financing requirements and go about obtaining a mortgage loan.
  • A REALTOR® can familiarize you with closing procedures by explaining them in advance. A REALTOR® usually attends the closing with you.
  • It’s a complex transaction that takes time, effort and expertise. It takes a real estate professional. REALTORS® are real estate professionals who belong to the National Association of REALTORS® and subscribe to its strict Code of Ethics. Not all real estate brokers and agents are REALTORS®. To be sure you’re working with one, look for the federally registered membership mark, REALTOR®.